Now registered for GST and using Xero?

If your organisation was previously not registered for GST and is becoming GST registered, you’ll need to make some changes.

  • If you were using Xero Cashbook you’ll need to upgrade to GST Cashbook or you can upgrade to one of Xero’s other plans. Contact Beany Support and we can upgrade this for you.
  • Complete your bank reconciliation for all transactions dated before the start of your first GST period. If you’re not sure, contact Beany Support.

Tell Xero that you’re now registered
Now Xero knows that you’re registered

Tell Xero that you’re now registered

Update your GST status in Xero by going to the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Financial settings. Change your GST period (monthly, quarterly, or annually) and GST method (cash or accruals).

Chart of accounts

Your account codes in the chart of accounts won’t have GST applied at the moment. Before entering any transactions into Xero for your first GST period, you need to edit each account to update the default tax setting from No GST to the correct GST treatment option.

If you’re not sure, just get in touch with us at [email protected]

To update your chart of accounts in bulk, you can export it from Xero, make the changes, then import it back into Xero.


If you have any of the following set up, you’ll need to update the tax option as well.

  • Bank rules
  • Repeating invoices or bills
  • Repeating journals
  • Draft invoices or bills not yet processed

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Now Xero knows that you’re registered for GST

You’ll find the GST reports (Activity Statement) in Reports under the Accounting menu. Any existing transactions already entered into Xero will not be affected by this change – you’ll still be able to see them and include them in reports.

If any transactions have been entered without GST, that should include it, you can add the GST by using find and recode in Xero if you have Advisor status.

Alternatively, you can edit the transactions by one of the following methods (depending on the type of transaction).

Edit a spend or receive money transaction
Edit an invoice
Adjust the GST amount on paid transactions

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Beany would be happy to help you out on anything GST-related. Just contact our Support team via email at [email protected]

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