Submitting your year-end financial information to Beany

Here’s a step-by-step guide (with pictures), showing you how to provide Beany with your financial information, including how to upload files.

Login to your Beany page from our main website
At the top of your Beany page, click on Annual Accounts

Now click on ‘Edit 2021 Accounts’

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Towards the top, you’ll see your name and the name of your business(es) – click on one of them

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The screen changes depending on what you’ve clicked


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For your Beany business account, your Beany personal account, and any other Beany accounts appearing on your page, go into each tab and complete the questions

To save time, you can copy the information from the previous year (it may be a bit tricky to find for the first time, so just click here). This option is in almost every tab.

Some of the questions have drop-down boxes. Please use these or let us know that it doesn’t apply to you and/or your business. Otherwise, we won’t know if it’s not applicable, if you’ve overlooked it, or if you’re not sure of how to answer.

COMPANY (OR BUSINESS) ACCOUNT (tabs General, Company, Tax, Fixed Assets, Insurance, Accounts, End of Year)

INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT (tabs Personal, Home as Office, Donations, Overseas Income, Other Income, Insurance)

For claiming home office expenses, please to into your individual account (rather than your business account), and you’ll see the ‘Home as Office’ tab right beside ‘Donations’.

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Copying from previous year

Some of the information from the prior year may still apply this time around. You can use the ‘Copy from…’ button, but just make sure it still relates to the current year.

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Uploading files

Click on the button ‘Your Files’, then ‘Click to upload’.

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End of year tab

The last tab is for end of year information and possibly the most important section. You’ll need to provide us with responses to each question before you can submit the information to us. If you forget, you’ll be prompted to go back to complete your answer.

We request copies of your bank statements, credit card statements, and loan statements showing the balances at 31 March. Even if you use Xero or another accounting system, please provide us with these. It’s one of the ways we check that all transactions have been captured in your financial statements. 

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And finally…back to your Annual Accounts page – click on ‘Send to Accountant’

If you’re unable to click on the button, it’s probably because you didn’t complete all of the questions in the tab “End of Year’. Please go back and make sure you’ve provided us with responses to all questions.

Clicking on the ‘Send to Accountant’ button notifies us that we can start preparing your financial statements.

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Please contact us via our website or at [email protected] if you’d like more help on this.

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